5 Reasons to Use an Invisible Fence

It’s no secret that pets can sometimes be a little… well, hard to manage. From the moment you wake up in the morning to when you go to bed at night, your pet is probably constantly trying to get into something or other.

Whether digging for treats in the backyard or getting underfoot at the dog park, your dog tends to make himself at home wherever he goes.

But what if there was a way to keep him out of those places?

That’s where an invisible fence comes in handy!

Invisible fences are just like any other fence—they keep dogs out of certain areas, but they also help train them not to go into those areas.

Invisible fences are very effective at keeping dogs from roaming around your yard or neighborhood without your permission, but they’re also great for preventing them from getting into trouble in spaces where they might get hurt or injured by other animals or humans.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your pup safe while still allowing him access to all of his favorite things in life, this blog post is for you!

Here we have penned down five reasons to use an invisible fence system to safeguard your pet from running away.

Reasons To Use Invisible Fence System

1.   Gives Your Dog A Sense of Security

We all want our fur buddies to be happy and healthy. This is why an invisible fence offers a sense of security for your dog. Having it gives him the freedom to roam around the yard without getting into trouble. In addition, your dog will feel much safer knowing that he can’t get out of the yard because of this system.

Moreover, it is a great way to keep your pet safe from harm, whether this is from other animals or people who may avoid their presence in the area.

2.   Helps in Training Dogs

You can’t train your dog better than an invisible fence. It allows you to set boundaries for your pet and make sure they don’t go beyond them. Whichever brand of underground electric pet fence you use, such as Invisible Fence, DogWatch, or a product from us at Contained K9, it will help to establish clear boundaries and rules for your dog. This can help translate into everyday life with your dog.

3.   Enjoy the Aesthetic

Your pup has an explorative nature. However, he is also nature-loving and prefers to stay outside in the yard to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding areas. The invisible fence allows him to enjoy the aesthetic without leaving the property. An underground electric fence will also help you keep a clean, sleek look of your property without a fence around the perimeter. Some developments and HOA’s also do not allow physical fencing, so an electric fence could be a great option.

4.   Easy Participation in Outdoor activities

An invisible fence acts as an underground protection shield when your pup plays outside. As a result, they can freely roam around, exercise, and play with his friends without entering a danger zone. You can have peace of mind knowing that your dog will stay put in your yard with the proper training.

5.   Protect the Neighborhood

The invisible fence is also great for neighborhood safety. It helps keep a dog from getting loose and running through neighborhoods and parks or other areas where they could cause trouble with people or even other animals. Keeping your dog secured on your property will also allow your neighbors to feel safe when walking by, knowing that your dog will not escape and run after them.

How Does an Underground Electric Pet Fence Benefit the Owner?

Invisible Fence is a reliable and effective dog fence that keeps your pet safe while they are outside. The wire is buried underground and will relay the signal from the transmitter to provide a clear boundary.

If you live in the greater Northern Delaware area, here are some benefits you may enjoy.

1.   Ease of installation

Leave all the hard work to us! We will come out with our custom, cutting-edge (no pun intended) trenching equipment that is intended to leave as little trace as possible. We will cut a thin trench around the perimeter, bury the wire, install the equipment somewhere in the house, and you’re all set! You won’t have to lift a finger.

2.   Safety

With an invisible fence, you no longer need to worry about keeping an eye on your dog. Giving your dog more freedom through the installation of our products will allow you to keep your dog in check without worrying about them wandering off and getting hurt.

3.   Increased Freedom

You’re free to set your dog free.

With an electric fence, you can enjoy all the freedom. You can let your dog roam around the yard and play in the garden without worrying about him getting hurt or into trouble with other animals or people outside. While you do need to perform the proper training steps which we will teach you, you can be assured that your pup will stay on site.

4.   Convenience

Once the wire is buried in the ground, you be confident that it will last a lifetime. The wire we install has a thick gauge that is tolerant to all inclement weather. It’s extremely unlikely to have a wire-break from natural elements. We always install the transmitter box in a convenient place in your house as well, so you can easily make any adjustments necessary at any time.

Final Words

If you’re looking to increase your dog’s freedom, reach out to get a free virtual quote today! Take a look at our service area to see if you’re covered and we’d love to help.

Invisible dog fences are a great way to give your pet freedom while keeping them safe. They teach your dog their boundaries and can prevent her or him from getting into dangerous situations.

P.S. If your dog is a bundle of energy that needs to spend some time running and playing, an invisible fence is a perfect solution.

Happy Puppying!