West Chester PA

Underground Electric Pet Fence in West Chester, PA

Chances are, you know somebody in West Chester with an underground electric pet fence. They are setting their dog free to run their property with some peace of mind knowing they won’t leave the yard. Don’t you want the same for your dog? Let us help get you set up with an electric fence for your yard so your pup can get the freedom they deserve.

Our company has been around for years and we have the knowledge, skill, and experience to fully customize any layout that best suits your yard. Let us get you started with a free, virtual quote today!

Have You Heard Of Invisible Fence?

We Have Better Pricing

Similar to big brand names like ChapStick and Band-aid, Invisible Fence is a large national franchise that has been installing electric fences for years. Just like the other products, however, they come with a hefty price tag in comparison to the competitors. Oftentimes, you can’t tell the difference and the alternate may even be better!

Well, that’s the same case with underground electric fences. Invisible Fence has massive overhead costs and fees for franchising, so they pass those costs on to you, the customer. Since we are a local, private, veteran-owned company, we don’t need to charge a ridiculous amount to get your business. Our goal is to install as many electric fences as possible to give more dogs the freedom they deserve.

We find the Invisible Fence pricing to just be simply disrespectful. Before you contract with them, reach out to us for a free, virtual quote. We are saving all of our customers hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on the installation. 

Options For Equipment

Invisible Fence, DogWatch, and other big national franchises only have 1 option for electric fences: their own. While they certainly have pride and confidence in their own equipment, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

Every dog is different. 

Every yard is different.

Every person’s needs are different.

So why do these big companies treat everything the same? They are bound to only installing their equipment which can’t possibly be the best choice for every scenario. Here at Contained K9, we can shop around for different equipment and install what we believe is the best fit for what you’re looking for. Don’t let these big companies limit you. If you’re in our Service Area and are interested in a quote, let us know! We can discuss several options to get exactly what you’re looking for.  

Support Small Business

We are a true local, privately owned business. When you work with us here at Contained K9, you’re reinvesting back into the community. You’re building up local business in the area and truly helping us grow to help more homeowners.

These big franchises may try to sell you on being local, but they are a part of a big national organization. They aren’t truly local, but simply operate locally. If you’re in the West Chester area, continue to help build up small businesses in your area and let us help you! We pride ourselves on incredible customer service and treating our neighbors like family. 

Contained K9 Is Just Better

One of the biggest advantages that we have over our competitors is our experience with dog psychology and behavior. Our sister-company Delaware K9 Academy has been voted the best dog training company in the state of Delaware so nobody knows training like we do. Training is one of the most important parts of the underground electric fence installation, so let us guide you in the right direction.

If you live in West Chester or a surrounding area and have been considering an Invisible Fence, make sure you reach out to us as well for a second opinion. We guarantee that our prices will blow you away. If you have any questions, just check out our FAQ page or reach out with our contact form!