Greenville Delaware

Underground Electric Pet Fence in Greenville, Delaware 

Want to give your dog the freedom they deserve in your yard but don’t have a physical fence to keep them safe? Well we have you covered! If you live in Greenville and have some land for your dog to roam, an underground electric fence could be an excellent option.

Underground electric pet fences can provide homeowners reassurance that their dog will stay in your yard while having the time of their life. We provide free quotes for all of our installations, so please reach out and we can figure out what may be best for you!

Benefits Of An Electric Fence

Unmatched Freedom

Whether you have a small plot of land or several acres, an electric fence can be an excellent option to keep your pup in the yard. If you have an active dog who loves to run, it can be a slight nuisance to always have to go out on leash. 

An underground electric pet fence is also an extremely long-lasting product as well. The wire we install is a thick gauge that can withstand an of the elements, even if left above ground. The systems that we install also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be rest assured your dog will always be safe and protected in your yard. 

Fully Customized Layouts

No matter what your property layout looks like, we can come up with a plan that works for you and your dog. One of the biggest benefits of an electric fence compared to a physical fence is just how customizable they can be. We can run our electric fence through more dense brush where a physical fence may not be able to go. Sometimes, people will even double up with a physical fence AND an electric fence for maximum protection. 

An underground pet fence is also a fraction of the cost compared to a physical fence. If you’ve ever gotten a quote for a physical fence, you may have started to think about getting a second job or playing the lottery. An electric fence is an incredible way to save money while maintaining safety and freedom for your pup. 

Cold, Rainy Days

Nobody wants to go outside to let their dog out when it’s cold or rainy. Rather than taking your dog out on leash, simply strap on our electric fence collar and let them roam free! Your dog may not mind the elements as much, so let them take all the time they need to go to the bathroom. You won’t be standing there shivering cold, telling your dog to go potty 100 times in a row! 

Thinking About An Electric Fence?

If you have been considering an underground electric pet fence, consider getting a free, virtual quote from us! All we need is your address and we can send something over to you the same day. We pride ourselves on being responsive, transparent, and efficient at what we do!

If you have received another quote from a different company like Dog Watch or Invisible Fence, you may notice our prices are a little different – in a good way! We are known to be significantly better priced than the other big national franchises in the area while we boast our great reputation. Don’t get suckered by these companies and overpay – let us help you out! To see if you’re covered in our Service Area, check out our page and reach out!