Elsmere, Delaware

Underground Electric Pet Fence in Elsmere, Delaware

Underground electric pet fences are an excellent way to contain your pup to your yard without running away. They have been around for decades and the technology has certainly advanced! Here at Contained K9, we are a privately owned company, so we are not limited to only 1 system. We can shop around for whatever system works best for you, your property, and your dog, making us the best choice for your installation.

We back up our incredible customer service with a lifetime warranty on the products we install. We always put our customers first and prove that with our 5 star reputation! If you’d like to get a free virtual quote, just reach out and we’d be happy to help!

Benefits Of An Invisible Fence

Give Your Dog More Freedom

With the proper training, your dog can become properly conditioned the electric fence in just a week or two. Right alongside the electric fence installations, we offer dog obedience training through Delaware K9 Academy. With our extensive background in dog psychology and training, we can provide a better, more efficient training schedule for the electric fence, thus giving your dog freedom even quicker.

Rather than always having to go out on leash or tethering your dog in the yard, they will be able to roam free to go to the bathroom, explore, and play. Long gone are the days where you have to supervise your dog 24/7 when in the yard. 

Avoid The Inclement Weather

An underground electric fence gives you, the owner, a much better experience as well! The underground fence isn’t just for your dog! If you don’t enjoy sitting out in the rain or snow waiting for your dog to go potty, an underground electric fence may be the perfect option.

We have helped many people in Elsmere live a better life with their dog by installing one of our electric fence systems. Our goal is to make your life easier and that can all start with our simple installations. We are normally in and out in just a few hours so you can start enjoying the benefits quickly! 

Plenty of Exercise

Do you live in Elsmere, Delaware and have a high energy dog? Does your dog love to run forever? Does it seem like your dog can just never tire out? Well an underground electric pet fence may be the perfect option for you. As dog owners, it is impossible to exercise our dogs the entire day. However, if you work with us to install an invisible fence, we can help give you the freedom your dog needs to get proper amounts of exercise.

If you can open up your yard for your dog to be safe, they can exercise as much or as little as they want and on their own terms! It won’t take them long to learn the boundaries around the perimeter of your property, which will allow them to roam free in just a matter of 1-2 weeks.  

Our Best Price Guarantee

Contained K9 is the only private, locally owned underground electric pet fence installation company in the entire state of Delaware. The other companies in the area are massive national franchises that have a one-size-fits-all approach with the products they install. Due to their high franchise fees, their quotes are always more expensive than ours.

We guarantee that we have better pricing. We know how overpriced the other companies in our area are, so let us help you with a free, virtual quote!