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Benefits of a Pet Door system

Now that you know some of the benefits to adding a pet door system to your home, it’s time to decide which door is best for you. You may not have ever given it any thought, but there are some major differences between pet doors on the market. We are here to simplify things to make your life easier!

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Classic Flap Door

When you think of your standard doggie door, this is it. It offers no features, no protection from the elements nor animals roaming your back yard. Before the technology was available, this is what most people installed in their home. These often do not come with locks or solid doors, so you become limited on how much control you have over your pet.

The Endura Flap®

The Endura Flap product line is among the best in the industry. This insulated pet door is engineered to withstand -40F temperatures and the extreme heat. High-quality magnets keep the flaps shut even during high winds up to 50 mph. The best part? The magnets can be adjusted to assist with training your pet to the door and help with wind resistance.  

SureFlap Door

Technology has advanced a tremendous amount over the last decade and it certainly has not missed the pet door industry. The SureFlap pet doors utilize the standard microchip that is already placed in your pet. Packed with a plethora of features such as curfew mode, selective entry, and a 12-month battery life, this is one of the best systems on the market.

If you need help deciding which pet door system would be best for you and your pet, please reach out! We would love to help.