Our Favorite Dog Products

Who doesn’t love to spoil their dog? We know we do! So we are putting together a great list of dog products, toys, treats, and accessories to share the love with you. We understand that some dogs can be picky with certain treats and toys, but we have found that these recommended products are excellent options for almost every single dog.

The links in this blog are from my Amazon Associates account and I will earn a small commission if purchases are made through my links. Thank you and enjoy!

Our Favorite Snuffle Mat

Easily our favorite way to feed our dogs while offering some sort of excellent mental enrichment for their brains. This snuffle mat is one of our favorites due to it’s size and uniqueness. With several different variations within the same mat, this snuffle mat will certainly excite your dog during feeding time.

Rather than putting your dog’s food in a bowl like normal, try to engage their brain and nose to search and hunt for their food. This can help to dramatically improve food drive as well, as your dog will have to work for their food. Try this one out and see how much your dog loves meal time!

Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is an instant classic with almost every dog. Load the Kong up with your dog’s food or treats and let them bat the kong around the floor or yard. The little hole in the side of the Kong will dispense the food as they continue to play with it. Once your dog realizes the Wobbler has food, they will become entranced and continue to play until all the food is gone. Offering your dog a different way to consume their meals is an excellent way to boost food drive and excitement and will pique your dog’s interest for play time. Try out the Kong Wobbler if you’re looking for a different, unique way to feed your dog!

Poop Bags

It is an unfortunate necessity that you are going to be spending hundreds of dollars on poop bags over your dog’s life, which is why we prefer these poop bags from Amazon. This listing has 60 rolls, equating to 900 bags! This bundle lasts us an extremely long time, even as the owners of a Great Dane! The bags are very durable and sturdy and a perfect size for any dog. Rather than continuously buying poop bags, invest in this 900 bag kit and avoid the headaches and frustrations of ever running out when you need them.

Musher's Secret Paw Wax

Since we are currently dealing with the cold weather here in Delaware, this Musher’s Secret Paw Wax is a must have! If your dog deals with cracked pads or rough paws, this paw wax can make a significant difference. If your dog suffers from dry paws, this all-natural product can be used to make your dog feel more comfortable in the day-to-day routine. Even if they lick their paws with this paw wax on, they will be safe! This product is a must have and can make a significant difference.


Dog Brush

Hear us out – we know this dog brush is expensive, but it might be the best brush we have ever used. This Chris Christensen dog grooming brush does wonders, especially for dogs with longer hair. If you have any sort of doodle breed, this brush could change your life! It is extremely comfortable to hold and use, making grooming time significantly easier for everybody involved. It’s very durable and rugged and will last a long time. The tines and brushes help to remove mats easily, making it less painful for your dog. This brush is a must-have and will certainly make grooming your dog a pleasure.