dog running in snow

Electric Fence In The Winter

We are busy with installations year round and there’s a good reason why! Dog owners want to give their dog the freedom they deserve, regardless of the time of year. In the winter time, nobody wants to spend more time out in the freezing cold than they have to, so an underground electric pet fence is a great option for a lot of dog owners. 

Rather than taking your dog on leash to go to the bathroom, imagine just opening the door and letting them be free. They can take all the time they want to sniff around, roll in the snow, and chase after leaves blowing in the wind. Let them enjoy their free time while you enjoy the warmth indoors.

We’ve Got The Equipment

While trenching through grass in the summer time is pretty easy, we have custom built trenching machines to handle any environment. Our equipment is prepared and ready to handle any weather and we can still get through the hard ground in the wintertime.

Even in wooded terrain, our trenching equipment and blades can get through difficult tree roots that would otherwise be impossible to get through when doing it by hand. While some homeowners opt to install an underground electric pet fence by themselves, we can understand that nobody wants to do it in the freezing cold. If you’d like a free, virtual quote – just reach out via our contact form and we’d love to help this winter!

Enjoying Freedom

We know that nobody wants to be outside when it’s below freezing temps while waiting 20 minutes for your dog to go potty. Make your life easier by having us install an underground electric pet fence for your home. You’ll be able to feel safe and comfortable letting your dog out to exercise and do their thing while you remain comfortable inside in the heat. 

Some dogs certainly take their time when going to the bathroom, which is never fun during the wintertime. Give your dog the freedom they deserve with our invisible fence system this winter! The holidays around the corner, so give yourself a gift that you can enjoy every year.

Quick & Easy Training

We have figured out a great system to condition the dogs properly, effectively, and safely to the electric fence systems. We typically tell owners to prepare to spend 1-2 weeks conditioning their dog to the fence. The training sessions need to be performed 2-3 times a day, but the sessions are really quick and easy. We typically recommend that you shoot for 5-10 minutes each session, so 15-30 minutes of training each day. 

If you follow our steps and our detailed training guide, your dog should be properly conditioned to the fence in no time! You can feel confident knowing that your dog will stay in the yard, regardless of the distractions across the street.

Final Thoughts!

Investing in an electric fence system for your dog this winter is an excellent gift to not only your dog, but yourself as well. Spend less time waiting for your pup to go potty and spend more time inside where it’s warm. 

If you’d like a quote from us, just fill out a contact form so we can give you a free, virtual quote. We can handle any sized property, so let us help you this winter!