Middletown, DE

Underground Dog Fence in
Middletown, Delaware

In 2019, owner Christos Philippou realized there was a lack of dog trainers in the area that could get the job done at a reasonable price. In Middletown, there were only a few dog trainers but they were overpriced, didn’t have a good reputation, and/or were not truly committed to helping owners live a better life with their dog. Soon after, Christos started Contained K9, Middletown’s best underground dog fence installation company. With only Invisible Fence brand being the only other installer in the area, he realized there had to be a better option. Invisible Fence is a national franchise with hefty fees, so we set out to create a more affordable, higher quality option.

Middletown Contained K9 Services include:

  • Invisible Fence and DogWatch brand alternative
  • Underground electric dog fence installation
  • Underground electric dog fence repairs
  • Dog training
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment

We’ve made significant investments in acquiring top-of-the-line equipment for the installation of underground electric fences designed for dogs in Middletown. Our specialized trenching machine is meticulously engineered to leave an almost imperceptible mark of our installation process. This cutting-edge machine creates a narrow groove in the lawn and seamlessly buries the wiring deep within the ground. The slight trench is easily concealed by a simple walk-over, leaving no discernible evidence of our work.

Remaining at the forefront of the industry’s advancements in equipment, materials, and technology, Contained K9 consistently leads the way. We continuously channel resources back into the company to ensure an unparalleled experience for you, our valued client. For a deeper understanding of our procedures and the functionality of underground electric dog fences, feel free to explore our comprehensive FAQ section

Underground Dog Fencing in Middletown, Delaware

Give your beloved four-legged companion the invaluable present of independence through our exceptional underground dog fence. Armed with all the essential equipment, expertise, and skills, we guarantee a flawlessly smooth installation process. While we handle the labor, you can unwind and savor a soothing cup of coffee. In a rather short span of 2-3 hours, the job will be completed before you realize it. And the cherry on top? Our presence will barely leave a mark, preserving the pristine cleanliness of your surroundings.

Why Choose Delaware K9 Academy?

Plain and simple: we are affordable.

We encourage all of our clients to get multiple quotes from our competitors like Invisible Fence brand. The big, national franchises have hefty franchise fees that need to be covered, so they pass those expenses on to you. 

As a private, local, veteran owned business, we boast about our affordability. While an underground dog fence in Middletown is certainly an investment, we can guarantee that we beat our competitors on not only price, but value as well.

A perfect reputation in Middletown.

Contained K9 has been providing top-tier underground dog fence installation services in Middletown since 2020. We have hundreds of clients all over the northern part of the state who are extremely happy with our services. Check out our 5 Star Google Reviews.

Lifetime support with a lifetime warranty.

Underground dog fence companies are not created equal. The majority do not provide a lifelong warranty for the equipment they install. Unlike some companies that might abandon you in times of trouble, we stand apart. Recognizing that an underground electric dog fence represents a lasting investment, we are committed to its longevity. Whether you encounter challenges with the equipment or require assistance with training, count on us to be your reliable support.

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Grant your furry companion the well-deserved liberty to frolic in the yard without a care. Together, let’s transform this into reality! At Contained K9, our dedication lies in empowering dogs to revel in their finest existence through our underground dog fence system. We know that a traditional fence isn’t always feasible, which is why we extend an invitation for a complimentary, virtual quote.

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