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Attention all dog owners in Greenville! Experience a myriad of benefits with our underground dog fence systems! Your furry friend will relish increased freedom, ample exercise, and the joy of basking in the sun while inhaling fresh air. Witness them living their best life as they explore within safe boundaries. And guess what? You’re a winner too! No more standing in the rain, waiting forever for your dog to finish their business. Bid farewell to those bone-chilling nights when you shiver outside, longing for them to do their thing. Your dog will adapt to the electric fence from day one, and within a mere two weeks, both of you will revel in newfound liberty.

Upon completing each installation, we dedicate time to enlighten our clients about the nuances of the invisible fence. You’ll gain insights into the art of properly training and conditioning your dog to the fence. You’ll even have hands-on practice, ensuring you’re comfortable and self-assured in your dog-training prowess. Don’t fret – it’s a breeze! Typically, most dogs grasp the concept of the underground fence boundary and adhere to it within 1 to 2 weeks. Thereafter, a lifetime of liberty awaits!

While the technical aspects of an electric dog fence might seem intricate, our process demystifies it into straightforward terms. Having worked with numerous families in Greenville, Delaware, to install these underground dog fences, our extensive experience speaks for itself. We’ve fine-tuned our approach to maximize simplicity. If you’re curious about the Invisible Fence alternative, peruse our FAQ page for more information!

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Recognizing the individuality of every dog, we firmly reject the one-size-fits-all approach embraced by other national franchises in our area, such as Invisible Fence and DogWatch. As a locally-owned, family-run, and veteran-led enterprise, we possess the privilege of meticulously selecting from a range of products, tools, and equipment to ensure a seamless installation process. The equipment we install is handpicked to suit your specific circumstances, your yard’s layout, and the needs of your dog. Whether you’re caring for a petite, short-haired 10-pound pup or a voluminous 100-pound fluffy companion, we offer equipment that aligns perfectly.

Our distinctiveness doesn’t end with equipment selection; it’s woven into our training program as well. Owner Christos Philippou has been at the helm of his dog training company, Delaware K9 Academy, situated in Wilmington, Delaware, since 2019. His wealth of experience in dog training directly contributes to the triumph of Contained K9. Undoubtedly, the training component for an underground dog fence holds paramount importance. Hence, our efforts, focus, and dedication are chiefly channeled into this facet. We’ll expertly steer you through the process, ensuring you feel adept by the time we conclude!

Electric Dog Fencing in Greenville, Delaware

For years, we’ve been dedicated to the canine community in Greenville, amassing a proud 5-star reputation. Our clients are treated like cherished family members, and we proudly maintain our status as the most recommended underground electric dog fence company in the region.

Grant your dog the well-deserved freedom through an underground dog fence. Armed with the necessary equipment, expertise, and knowledge, we ensure the installation process is a seamless endeavor. Our setup is designed to let you unwind and savor a cup of coffee while we handle the work. In no time, the task will be completed, often within a span of just 2-3 hours, leaving little to no evidence that were were ever there.

Why Choose Delaware K9 Academy?

Get a dog fence that suits your needs.

Every underground electric fence that we install is unique and no two layouts are the same. We customize every single installation with you, the owner, by our side. We walk the boundary with the owner prior to installation to make sure we are burying the wire exactly where you want it. Let us handle the rest!

Tested and perfected process.

Plain and simple – mastery is our hallmark. No task is insignificant, and no challenge is insurmountable. We’ve faced nearly every conceivable scenario, leaving no project beyond our capabilities. Our commitment is to guide you seamlessly through our process, ensuring transparent communication every step of the way. Expect no deceptive ploys, no unexpected costs. Your needs are in capable hands.

Our perfect reputation within the Greenville community.

Our most important goal is to deliver an unparalleled experience with our clients taking precedence. Our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and exceptional value is exemplified by our sterling reputation. The ultimate accolade for us is a recommendation to a friend or family member, enabling us to expand our reach and positively impact as many dogs as we can.

A budget-friendly option that you can afford.

We actually encourage our clients to get multiple quotes to see how much more affordable using a small, local business like ourselves is in comparison. We have heard from clients that they have received quotes triple the amount compared to our quote, which just is not right. Big franchise companies like Invisible Fence and DogWatch have big overhead costs that they need to cover, which ultimately geet passed along to the client. Avoid those high costs and get a free, virtual quote from us at Contained K9.

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Grant your puppy the liberty to frolic in the yard without a care – it’s time to turn that into a reality! At Contained K9, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to enhancing the lives of dogs through our underground dog fence system. Recognizing that a traditional physical fence might not be feasible, we’re here to offer you a complimentary virtual quote.

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