Underground Dog Fence


Every single underground dog fence installation is custom to you, your home, and your dog. No two systems are the same, so we want to make sure it’s perfect for you. We are happy to come to your house to give an in person quote, or come up with a game plan virtually!

Some factors that we take into consideration when building your package:

Once we have identified the perimeter of your containment zone, we will begin the installation process. We pride ourselves on leaving the smallest footprint possible in your yard. We utilize a custom built trenching machine to dig the trench while burying the wire behind it as we go. This is by far the least invasive way to preserve your grass and yard.

Once the boundary wire has been laid, we will mark the perimeter with boundary flags for visual reference. This will help you and your pet to identify where the containment zone ends.

Lastly, we will install the transmitter in a central location inside the house. Often times, we install the transmitter in the basement or garage for easy access. This will allow you to receive alerts and adjust settings as required.


This is easily the MOST important part of the whole process. Proper and consistent training is the most critical part in keeping your pet safe in their new contained yard. While it is rather simple and straightforward to train your pet to the underground electric fence, it is a step that cannot be missed. With each installation, we will spend time going over the training process and perform an initial training session to teach you what to do.

There are several companies to choose from to install your underground dog fence in Delaware. However, these big national franchises like DogWatch and Invisible Fence lack the personalized customer service like local, family owned business. Here at Contained K9, we treat every client like family. We don’t have expensive franchise fees to cover, we don’t have stringent regulations and requirements to follow, allowing for a better experience for you.

We are not tied to 1 single brand of underground dog fence systems, so we can shop around to install the absolute best for you and your dog. To see if we cover your area, check out our Service Area page and we would love to give you a quote!

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