About Us

Who We Are

Contained K9 is an independent, family owned, underground dog fence installer based in Delaware. We install underground dog fencing in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties and all surrounding areas, including the southern towns of Pennsylvania and Eastern Maryland. In-ground dog fence systems encourage boundaries and provide your pet with a safe, automatic correction if they attempt to stray. When it comes to safety, convenience, and peace of mind, we are here to exceed your expectations at Contained K9.

We treat our clients’ pets like our own, and value them as integral members of your family. We want to make this experience as easy and painless as possible, while making the smallest possible imprint in your yard.  Reach out today to discuss your needs so we can help give you one happy pup!


Our Mission

As a family owned and operated business, you are our top priority. We strive to provide the most honest and highest quality services to you. We treat your pet like one of our own and we are excited to be a part of the family! The larger companies that install underground dog fences in our area are large franchises. They fail to have the same customer-centric focus like we do here at Contained K9. If you’re unsatisfied, we take it to heart and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Every installation we perform is custom to you and your pet. There is no job too small or too big. We appreciate your interest in our services and look forward to helping you and your pet live a happier life!

Invisible fence gas powered trencher

Our Equipment

We have invested in the best equipment on the market for installing underground dog fences. Our custom-built trenching machine is extremely efficient, precise and works to maintain your yard in the same condition we found it. The electric fence trenching machine uses a large, thin blade to cut a narrow trench in the grass while feeding the wire in the ground at the same time. After we complete the installation, we simply walk over the trench to push the grass back and it will look like we were never there!

Paired with our incredible trenching equipment, we have sought out the best products to install for each of our underground dog fence projects. There are so many options for collars, transmitters, wire, and other equipment necessary to contain your dog to the yard. It can easily become overwhelming when trying to compare, so let us handle it for you! We will analyze your yard, the breed & age of your dog, and what your goals are to figure out what equipment will suit your needs best.

Our Experience

We are the best in the business for a reason. Well, a few reasons actually! We are prepared, punctual, and have years of experience allowing for a more seamless, quick installation. We have all our ducks in a row, all of our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed. Our process has been streamlined to allow our clients to be as hands-off as possible. All you’ve got to do is show us where you want the fence!

We are certainly going to knock on wood, but we’ve never hit a utility line when trenching our underground dog fences! We pride ourselves on taking the necessary precautions to avoid any and all utility lines before installing your underground dog fence. We coordinate with the 811 service to mark those utilities and take special care to ensure your power, cable, and water go unaffected during our installation.

We have found that the post-installation training is by far the most important part of the entire process, so we have designed a special training process that will make it extremely easy for your dog to become conditioned to the electric fence. We’ll guide you through the process and you will get hands-on-experience working with your dog while we are there alongside you. We’ll finish up the installation and leave you feeling like a true dog trainer!

Our Promise

Nobody in the industry works harder than we do to make sure you are happy, satisfied, and willing to refer us to your friends and family. The biggest compliment we can get is a referral! Our goal is to give as many dogs as possible the freedom they deserve. We know that installing a physical fence around the property is expensive, so we want to offer our underground dog fence at an affordable, reasonable price.

We promise to be transparent. We promise to never incorporate hidden fees. We promise to be up front, open, and honest. If we make a mistake, we promise to make it right. We promise to do everything we can to make this the best experience for you possible. To get your custom quote, please reach out to us and submit a contact form. We typically respond in just a few hours with a custom quote and a specific price. We don’t give price ranges so you will know exactly what you will pay.